Gift Ideas for Writers from Chanticleer Reviews (and a special holiday discount!)

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It's that time of year, the annual dilemma of what gift to get your favorite author...or the annual dilemma of how to suggest to your family and friends what author-ly gifts you really want this year. Or maybe you are looking for something special to gift yourself this year? We are gonna make it easy--if you are the gifter then use this post as your guide, if you are the giftee, forward this post on to your family and friends as a not-so-subtle hint. Of course, the old stand by is a notebook and pen, but anyone whose been a writer for any length of time probably has a secret horde of pens and notebooks and other stationary fetishes, and may have had too call a moratorium on the acquisition of more writing implements. Once that happens, it is important to start getting creative. Though, let's face it--creativity is a key component for giving a gift to a person whose whole life revolves around creativity! There are so many articles out there already--we really should start with a few of these great resources: Joanna Penn has a 2016 Christmas Gift Guide for Writers Angela Ackerman has a list of 11 Gift Ideas for the Talented Writer in Your Life Jane Friedman has both Tech Savvy & Traditional Options Jami Gold has the 2016 Edition of her Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers Chuck Wendig also has a terrific, and properly profane, Gift Guide for Writers for 2016 And now [...]