The GERTRUDE WARNER 2016 Awards for Middle Grade Chapter Books – Official Finalist List

Congratulations to these Finalists who will compete for The Gertrude Warner Awards FIRST IN CATEGORY sub-genres. The subgenres are: Contemporary Middle Grade, Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, Mysteries, Historical, and Adventure.

A TOWN BEWITCHED by Suzanne de Montigny — Middle Grade Urban Mystery

A magical formula for the young adult audience: a high school full of competing cliques; a beautiful, mysterious stranger; a dark, malevolent presence; and a bold young woman to sets things right.

I, Mary: Book 3 of the Crofter Family Saga by Mike Hartner, an historical fiction middle grade book

An inspiring read that pulls at your heartstrings that sets the dreams of a young girl to the time of the English Civil War. If your middle grade reader loves "The Little House on the Prairie" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, then she will love reading "I, Mary."

LIFE ON BASE: QUANTICO CAVE by Tom and Nancy Wise,

A riveting portrayal of the lives of children whose parents serve in the armed forces. Being a teenager is hard enough, but adding the constant uprooting and moving from base to base adds its own unique challenges as well as rewards.

THE TREASURE OF OCRACOKE ISLAND by John Gillgren, third book in the Adventure of Cali Family Series

Gillgren’s children’s series "The Adventures of the Cali Family" offers a third treasure travel story that pushes mystery, family, and adventure into new depths of fun.

THE TREASURE OF CHING SHIH by John Gillgren, a children’s adventure novel

Gillgren offers a fun, suspenseful, yet heartfelt, series: The Adventures of the Cali Family will engage all children in the intriguing wonders of the sea and the thrills of treasure hunting.

Children’s Book Giveaway – “The Secret Astoria Scavenger Hunter” by Susan Colleen Browne

Just in time for Halloween! The Secret Astoria Scavenger Hunt, a new kids' book, is scheduled for a Goodreads Giveaway starting Sunday, October 18! This haunted house adventure will also be a free ebook on Amazon October 27-29!

THE TREASURE OF MALAGA COVE by John Gillgren, an adventure children’s novel

Book one in Gillgren's children's adventure series will invite readers of all ages to set sail with the Cali family as they search for treasure in Malaga Cove.

LITTLE GUY by Heather Gardam, Book 2 in a delightful children’s series about farm life

Continuing from "Life on the Farm,"Gardam's book carries on to instill values of friendship, perseverance, and believing in one's self against the odds.

LIFE on the FARM by Heather Gardam, a Children’s Book about Farm Life

Young readers will be captivated with its authentic voice and earnestness. Ten-year-old Patti’s journey is filled with curiosity, adventure, and everyday delights as a child growing up on a farm.