A near-future, energy-starved world is saved by the discovery of a crystalline ore with powerful properties. Creating the perfect Eden, however, comes with unexpected and dangerous consequences!

CYGNUS Grand Prize Winner Lands 3-Book Contract with TITAN

Titan Books contracts Cygnus Grand Prize winning author Bennett R. Coles for a 3 book deal for his military SciFi series.

CYGNUS AWARDS for SciFi & Speculative Fiction FIRST PLACE Category Winners

The Cygnus Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Mythological, and Steampunk fiction. Congratulations to the CYGNUS 2014 Award Winners!

An Editorial Review of “The Starlight Fortress” by Fiona Rawsontile

Rawsontile's characters and their language, lifestyles (with a few tweaks), hopes, and desires—as well as their darker natures of envy, jealousy, hate, prejudice, and war—will resonate with readers. Hostilities mount and battle fleets are amassed. Be sure to strap in, hang on tightly, and enjoy Rawsontile’s exhilarating ride into the future.

An Editorial Review of “Darklight II: Conflagration” by John Wells

The Darklight series take readers beyond the confines of the known universe and into mind-boggling technologies that venture into multi-dimensional applications of universal cataclysmic potential .If you enjoy E.E. Smith’s space operas that influenced the first generation of computer war games, and (some say) the authors of Earthlight, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and Superman, then venture forth into the Darklight series to expand your universe.