DEAD in DUBAI by Marilynn Larew; an international spy thriller

A fascinating femme-sometimes-fatale protagonist takes on the subtleties of international dealings in diamonds, deception and death that are hidden from the headlines. Exotic locales, double crossings, and wry wit ratchets up the suspense in this spy vs. spy thriller series.

WORST OF ALL EVILS by Janet McClintock

After an economic collapse, the US Constitution is set aside; civil rights are a thing of the past. This is not the America that Joan Bowman fought for in Iraq.

An Editorial Review of “Petroplague” by Amy Rogers

Cars, trucks, and planes grind to a halt as an oil-eating bacteria (similar to the one used to clean up the Exxon Valdez disaster) consumes fuel, while free hydrogen gas causes explosions and fires around the city of L.A. Amy Rogers, M.D. Ph.D. grounds her science-based thriller in fact until the last possible second when she expertly blends "what if" with "what is" making "Petroplague" a page-turning thriller.

An Editorial Review of “Spider Catchers” by Marilynn Larew

A white-knuckled spy thriller about human trafficking, dirty money, and the funding of terrorism. Readers who love a clandestine novel will be pleased with the way Larew weaves her mystery.