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An Editorial Review of “The Hourglass” by Sharon Struth

2016-12-17T12:15:40-08:00By |

Best-selling author CJ pens a dark thriller called "The Hourglass" shortly after his wife's death in a car accident that leaves CJ guilt ridden for reasons that are unclear. He hires Brenda McAllister, a self-help author and a relationship counselor as a consultant on the advice of his publisher so he can finish his novel. The two instantly share a mutual, but decidely unwanted attraction. However, Brenda soon realizes that CJ's new novel may be a reflection of his personal demons...and she isn't without her own demons herself.

“Dirty Laundry” by Liz Osborne

2016-12-17T12:15:48-08:00By |

Cozy mystery fans will find Robyn Kelly an engaging amateur sleuth fighting crime, and sometimes fighting for her life, in a deadly arena —the hospital where she works. Readers will never look at hospitals in the same way again. Dirty Laundry by Liz Osborne was awarded the First Place Blue Ribbon for Cozy Mysteries in the Chanticleer Book Reviews Writing Competition 2012.