HOW the MIGHTY FALL by E. J. Chadwell, an enthralling murder mystery

Plot and denouement that qualifies as a top-drawer mystery. Chadwell adds just the right amount of captivating twists and turns to keep her readers pondering the solution until its powerful ending.

VALENTINE’S DAY by April Kelly, — a Rick Valentine Mystery, Book 1

A clever plot, engaging characters, and a solid dose of self-deprecating humor make this detective mystery unique and a highly entertaining read.

The ONLY CLUE — The Neema Mystery Series, Book 2 by Pamela Beason – a gorilla mystery

A well-crafted mystery to inform as well as intrigue and captivate, opening an engaging realm of fictional exploration and speculation of the special bond that can happen between gorillas and humans. A page-turner!

THE BLEAK: a Sam Dyke Investigations, Book 4 by Keith Dixon

Sam Dyke is the name of the private investigator who can take as well as give who is at the center of this tale about apparent suicide and hidden truth in this hard-boiled detective story.

SMALL TOWN STORM by Elise K. Ackers – a chilling and dark contemporary thriller

An intriguing and well written mystery page-turner that will have you double-checking your locks and looking over your shoulder.

RAGGEDY MAN by Clyde Curley, The CLUE Awards Grand Prize Winner

An atmospheric, fascinating, character-driven mystery that you won’t be able to put down.


Sorrel discovers murder, mystery, terror, and family secrets which once again threaten to topple her existence in this contemporary Southwestern mystery.

A CUP of HEMLOCK by Clyde Curley

Curley’s deft use of murder mysteries to microscopically explore society’s ethical issues is nothing short of brilliant.

An Editorial Review of “Cornered” by Alan Brenham

Detective Matt Brady is up to his eyeballs in work and about to lose his last chance at redemption if his case is handed over to the FBI. This fast and furious read covers multiple character perspectives and leaves the reader constantly wondering what could happen next.The reader spends equal times with villains and heroes, making the story focus more on the people than the criminal acts being committed.

An Editorial Review of “Without Consent” by Bev Irwin

Bev Irwin immediately introduces her serial killer in "Without Consent" by having him carve out the kidney of a conscious woman. This psychological medical thriller is not for the squeamish. Suspense devotees will appreciate the details revealed about the killer’s inner workings.