The ONLY CLUE — The Neema Mystery Series, Book 2 by Pamela Beason – a gorilla mystery

A well-crafted mystery to inform as well as intrigue and captivate, opening an engaging realm of fictional exploration and speculation of the special bond that can happen between gorillas and humans. A page-turner!

THE CLOUD SEEDERS by James Zerndt, a dystopian-future novel

A gripping dystopian-future novel that leaves us questioning just how far are we from a future of environmental chaos, and how blurred the line can be between fiction and reality.

TIMBER ROSE by J. L. Oakley – 1900s historical fiction in the PNW

Set at a time when the old ways were yielding to the industrial age, "Timber Rose" is a timeless love story with heart as big as the mountains of the great Pacific Northwest.

GOD’S HOUSE by John Trudel, an international thriller

John Trudel's fast-paced political thriller will have you turning pages quickly to piece together it's complex puzzles and engaging characters.

The ARIADNE CONNECTION by Sara Stamey, a SciFi Thriller set in Greece

A near-future thriller is a rocket-paced ride that delivers complex, engaging characters in a laser-sharp plot.

FEARFUL MASTER by Arthur Lawrence, a political thriller

This intriguing and, frighteningly so, realistic novel depicts an increasingly extremist United States, battered by the effects of global warming and war.

COMMUNITY MARKETING for AUTHORS by James R. Wells – author of THE GREAT SYMMETRY, a science fiction novel

Your book is your art. It's your labor of love. And that changes everything. Once you embrace this idea, suddenly you can ask where you never could before.

Can a Gorilla Identify the Criminal? Read the 1st in the NEEMA Mystery Series by Pamela Beason for 99cents – Left Coast Crime Special

Neema is a "signing gorilla" that is part of an animal communication research project (think KoKo). She is the only witness to a crime. Lives are at stake and the clock is ticking.


Sorrel discovers murder, mystery, terror, and family secrets which once again threaten to topple her existence in this contemporary Southwestern mystery.

An Editorial Review of “Dark Seed” by Lawrence Verigin

This thriller’s premise of international corporations controlling the food supply and sacrificing human health for the sake of profits is so plausible that it is horrifying. Readers will find themselves rapidly turning the pages to see what happens next in this disturbing “OMG this could really happen” novel. A strong debut novel by Lawrence Verigin that adeptly tackles the pertinent and socially relevant topic of GMO’s with tight writing and fast-paced action.