Launch into Boating Season with 5 Inspiring Nautical Adventures

Boating season begins in the Pacific Northwest on the first Saturday in May, a tradition which goes back to the 1920's. To celebrate, we thought we would offer you this superb reading list of true story boating adventures by local northwest authors.

HOME ON THE WAVES: A Pacific Sailing Adventure by Patrick Hill

A story set in the 1970’s that provides remarkable insight into the lives of a family exploring the open ocean and discovering new cultures and people.


Surviving 42 days at sea after being pitchpoled by a monster 100ft. wave in the Southern Ocean. A true adventure at sea.

An Editorial Review of “Tightwads on the Loose” by Wendy Hinman

The reader is immersed in the plans of Wendy and her husband, Garth, to set sail on their open-ended adventure. And we wonder how long an introvert, whose motto is always be prepared, can live in such tight quarters with an extrovert whose motto is let’s just wing it.These are not rich dot-com people on a yacht. Nor are they trust fund hippies, or newly retired people with a nest-egg, hence the title. "Tightwads on the Loose; a Seven Year Pacific Odyssey" vividly details the highs and lows of life at sea and at port.

An Editorial Review of “The Promise of Provence” by Patricia Sands

The allure of France helps to draw Katherine, a woman of a "certain age," out to explore and rediscover life’s pleasures along with the capacity to love again in this inspiring and satisfying novel.