DOCTOR KINNEY’S HOUSEKEEPER by Sara Dahmen — The LARAMIE Grand Prize winner – captivating and heartwarming

Captivating and vividly portrayed, "Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper, " is a delightful read that is refreshing and original as it is entertaining.

July Contest Spotlight: The Laramie Awards Prove Writers are People with Guts and a Pen

There is an old frontier saying "A cowboy is a man with guts and a horse" and we are pretty sure that "A writer is someone with guts and a pen."

TERMS OF SURRENDER by Lorrie Farrelly, a historical romance emerging from war

A superb read for fans of love stories set on the rugged background of the Western Frontier--a brilliant historical romance with a healing love that is much needed in the aftermath a destructive war.

FRECKLED VENOM COPPERHEAD by Juilette Douglas — Best Debut Western

A gripping and compelling novel with an engaging heroine that makes the Old West come alive vivid settings, believable adventures, and suspenseful plotting. Laramie Awards Best Debut Western Novel.

The Laramie Awards for Western Fiction 2015 – Official Finalists Listing

The Laramie Awards for Western Fiction Writing Contests Finalists listing for 2015! Congratulations to those whose works made the short-list!

THE LAST DESPERADO by Rebecca Rockwell –a tale of the last days of the Wild West

Meticulously researched and based upon historical fact, this western brings to life a cunning, intelligent and fascinating man, at heart a simple cowboy, who managed to become the stuff of legend.

SECOND CHANCE by Linell Jeppsen, a western thriller

An action-packed, engaging blend of western and mystery series that fans of Westerns will not want to miss.

NO GOOD LIKE IT IS, Book One by McKendree Long, a post-Civil War Western

Long’s gifted ear for the true vernacular of the time and his detailed descriptions of the Old West place the reader right in the middle of the action on a journey to the Civil War era and to the far-flung outposts of the Old West.

BECAUSE of the CAMELS, by Brenda Blair

Cultures collide in this historical account of Egyptian camels coming to West Texas in the mid-1800s.


Hilarity, adventure, mistaken identities, and romance make "Much Ado about Miners" a hit for anyone who has a penchant for romance and Westerns reads.