An Editorial Review of “Double or Nothing” by Meg Mims

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The mystery is set during the rough and tumble California mining days of 1869. Meg Mims vividly brings these times to life with her accurate historical research and her clear and striking imagery of bustling towns, dangerous quicksilver mines, and rugged landscapes. An entertaining Western mystery read with just the right amount of romance.

Editorial Review of “Legend of the Wyakin” by David G. Rasmussen

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As chapter one begins, Rasmussen takes us back to June 1865 when the Gold Rush was in full swing, as Captain Phillip La Mar, in the wheelhouse of his stern-wheel riverboat, Jupiter, enters the day's events in the logbook. His major concern is that three crewmen have cholera—the deadly scourge of the riverboats that ply the Missouri River, carrying freight and passengers destined for Fort Benton (Montana) and the goldfields beyond.

“A Serpent’s Tooth,” a Walt Longmire Mystery by Craig Johnson

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In "A Serpent's Tooth," Walt must deal with a splinter group or renegade polygamy latter day saints who have built quite the arsenal of weapons and an old vendetta that crosse the time-lines cartels. [Reviewer's note: Not since reading Jim Harrison's works have I encountered writings that are so satisfying to read.]