TIME TRAVEL TRAILER by Karen Musser Nortman – a quick fun read to take you on an armchair vacation

Historical events bring authenticity, family traits add poignancy, & testy mother-daughter relationships make for a clever story telling.

The 2016 FINALISTS for the DANTE ROSSETTI Awards for Young Adult Fiction – Official Listing

Announcing the 2016 Young Adult Fiction Finalists who made the short-list in the Dante Rossetti Awards.

DAUGHTER OF DESTINY: BOOK 1 OF GUINEVERE’S TALE by Nicole Evelina, the Grand Prize Best Book

Rich in historical detail and fantastical landscapes, "Daughter of Destiny" takes a brilliant twist on the historical perception of Queen Guinevere: she has magical powers. Will her gift be enough to save her people?

ICE MASSACRE: Mermaids of Eriana Kwai Book 1 by Tiana Warner – a killer twist on mermaid lore

Make no mistake this is not a children's tale, but a gritty and riveting story of strong female warriors who are fighting for survival of their people.

THE CLOUD SEEDERS by James Zerndt, a dystopian-future novel

A gripping dystopian-future novel that leaves us questioning just how far are we from a future of environmental chaos, and how blurred the line can be between fiction and reality.

LIFE ON BASE: QUANTICO CAVE by Tom and Nancy Wise,

A riveting portrayal of the lives of children whose parents serve in the armed forces. Being a teenager is hard enough, but adding the constant uprooting and moving from base to base adds its own unique challenges as well as rewards.

The Dante Rossetti Awards Finalist Official Listing for 2015

The Dante Rossetti 2015 Finalists Listing! Congratulations to those whose works made the short-list!

LADIES in LOW PLACES by Mary Ann Henry, a collection of short stories

Each one of these short stories is an entertaining and poignant read that will linger and leave you wanting more. A wonderful sense of place, authentic voice, and vividly drawn characters make this work a standout collection.


A near-future, energy-starved world is saved by the discovery of a crystalline ore with powerful properties. Creating the perfect Eden, however, comes with unexpected and dangerous consequences!

Redirect – MYTHBORN: RISE of the ADEPTS by V. Laksham

Mages and wizards, dwarves and elves, dragons and royalty, and its own complex lore and magical systems, "Mythborn: Rise of the Adepts" will leave dark fantasy enthusiasts clamoring for more.