Three Questions with the Founder of the World’s Largest Book Club – Kathy Murphy

What is Kathy Murphy, the president of the world's largest book club, looking for in a good book? What speaks to her as a reader? Find out in this informative interview by Shari Stauch, Keynote presenter at CAC16.

Why Book Clubs Matter by Shari Stauch, CEO of Where Writers Win

Book clubs can be a defining moment in any author's career. Fact is, the success of any book is accelerated if book clubs get hold of it and begin spreading the news.

Largest Book Club in the World Selects Chanticleer Award Winner for 2016 Book Reading List

The largest book club in the world has just announced it 2016 reading list. And a Chanticleer Award winning author is on it! Now this is something to CROW about!