CO-OP Publishing: An Indie Option by Sara Stamey

An entirely new choice in book publishing is shared to the Chanticleer Community by Sara Stamey. What would you think if there were a publisher that offered the expertise and structure you need (like a traditional publisher) but also offers a system where you get more creative control and better royalties (closer to self-publishing)?

Largest Book Club in the World Selects Chanticleer Award Winner for 2016 Book Reading List

The largest book club in the world has just announced it 2016 reading list. And a Chanticleer Award winning author is on it! Now this is something to CROW about!

AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT for AUTHORS by Tom Wise, Ph.D. and Nance Wise

Find your writing muse using AGILE Techniques. AGILE for Authors require that authors identify psychological triggers to engage their creativity and summon their muses.

Spring Events and Updates from Chanticleer Reviews

The latest in news about what is happening at Chanticleer Reviews and Writing Competitions.

Top Snippets Overheard at the Winter Conferences by Kiffer Brown

Tips from bestselling authors, overheard comments from literary agents, generous information shared by the publisher of Publisher's Weekly, and more are revealed.

SEO for Authors – Part Three of Five Things Every Author’s Web Site Needs

The Third Post on the Five Pillars of Effective Website Design will Focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What good is having a website, if no one can find you?


Does your website have these five essential website pillars to be effective for promoting you and your work?  

  1. Your Branding Message in a Tagline
  2. Calls to Action – […]

Robert Dugoni presents “Creating Memorable Characters” at CAC

What is it about certain books that when we finish the final page the characters stay with us for days? What is it about those characters that has made them so memorable? Robert Dugoni, the undisputed king of legal thrillers will share his techniques to authors attending CAC14.

Bernadette Pajer presents “Emotional Triggers” at CAC

In this workshop, Bernadette Pajer will share her hard-earned “aha” moment that led her to coin the term “Triggers” and will show how you can use this powerful tool to engage your readers and create a loyal readership.

Jennifer Kohout presents “Audiobooks – ACX” at CAC

Too many authors have been left out the quickly growing digital audio market. Today's busy "readers" listen to books while they commute, exercise, stand in line, wait for a doctor's appointment, or even while taking care of household chores. Today's fast-paced lifestyle demands multiplexing! Get your title up and out there to this growing market!

Elizabeth Dimarco presents “Discovery Matters” at CAC

An accomplished author, marketing guru, and tech geek, Elizabeth works with with CEOs to think creatively to generate visibility and competitive differentiation in a cluttered marketplace−skills required for book discovery. Elizabeth thrives on audacious ideas that are game-changers.