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An Editorial Review of “Ray Ryan” by Aiden Riley

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An engaging contemporary coming of age story, "Ray Ryan" by Aiden Riley, follows and is narrated by the main character, Ray. The writing style is quite conversational and very British in its syntax. As the novel progresses through Ray’s life from childhood to mid-30s, the reader will learn of Ray’s challenges and fears, hopes and dreams that create the choices he must make to find his way. Will Ray be able to make his lifelong aspiration of becoming a writer come true? A solid debut novel.

An Editorial Review of “The Inscription” by Pam Binder

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When feisty Amber crashes her car into Loch Ness she doesn't expect to wake up 400 years in the past...neither does she expect to fall in love, but that is precisely what happens in this heartwarming romance novel featuring time travel, Scotland, highlander immortals, and legendary love.

The INHERITORS by Judith Kirscht – Literary Fiction, Contemporary

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"The Inheritors" by Judith Kirscht is a novel of one woman grappling to find her cultural and personal identity. Tolerance of others and the need for communication is required from each of us is an overriding theme in this latest work of Kirscht that explores the complexities of human nature and family bonds.

An Editorial Review of “Home Fires” by Judith Kirscht

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"Home Fires" is an intelligently written, fast-paced family drama that unfolds into a suspenseful page-turner. Although this novel masterfully renders the emotional hardships and tragedies that are sometimes part of dysfunctional relationships, it is not a depressing read.

An Editorial Review of “Fatal Induction” by Bernadette Pajer

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"Fatal Induction" is a captivating, classic mystery featuring Professor Bradshaw that takes place in the time of Tesla and Edison in the burgeoning city of Seattle. Pajer's vivid writing takes readers to this exciting time that is in the crossroads of scientific investigation and innovation, when automobiles and horse drawn carts compete for the same streets, and the United States reels with political unrest and social upheaval. Readers will warm to the curmudgeonly and reserved professor who has a heart of gold and a penchant for investigation.

An Editorial Review of “The Black Pelican” by Vadim Babenko

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“Each book is a separate universe, a cosmos with its own metrics. The only thing that makes sense in my life is nourishing these universes in my mind for years, and when they’re mature enough, converting them into written narratives, fixing their inner logic, setting the laws of their physics.” – Vadim Babenko