An Editorial Review of “Granddad’s House” by Kate Vale

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Vale’s writing captures germane issues that women face in today’s world:  being torn about decisions made between life for oneself and the caring for a beloved elder who has dementia, the strife of feeling the need to be in at least three places at one time, the far reaching effects of the Middle East Conflict, along with the emotional bonds of family and friends, and the myriad of tugs that women must face as they navigate modern life’s complexities. If you want to get to know characters who embrace contemporary challenges with integrity and passion, then look no further than Kate Vale’s novels for a book about love and loss, friendship and family ties, and finding happiness.

“Picking up the Pieces” by Wendy Dewar Hughes

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"Picking up the Pieces," an archaeological adventure, opens with a short prologue, so well done that we are anchored in its stellar writing and professional style. Immediately, readers pass through a portal, created with written words, transported into the living world of the story. We begin chapter one, bracing for an emotional ride filled with suspense.

“Family Bonds” by Kate Vale

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Family Bonds is a bighearted tale with an old-school, if at times, ingenuous sensibility. This is your mother’s romance novel, and aficionados of traditional love stories will find that refreshing.

“A Lesson in Love” by Heather Westing

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A Lesson in Love by Heather Westing is a well-written and well-crafted contemporary Christian love story that is both engaging and inspirational. She writes of realities and challenges that young adult Christians deal with in today's dating scene, but she reminds us that with God's help all things are possible.