October Spotlight: Two Spooktacular Contests in Time for All Hallows Eve

October is upon us bringing tricks, treats, and fanciful delights in the form of submissions to the brand new OZMA Awards for Fantasy Fiction and the long running Paranormal Awards for Supernatural Fiction. We can't wait to see what kind of submissions we get this year. Get your manuscripts ready! The deadline is October 31.

A TOWN BEWITCHED by Suzanne de Montigny — Middle Grade Urban Mystery

A magical formula for the young adult audience: a high school full of competing cliques; a beautiful, mysterious stranger; a dark, malevolent presence; and a bold young woman to sets things right.

THE DREAM JUMPER’S PROMISE by Kim Hornsby, a romantic thriller novel

A mysterious murder and vivid, strange dreams are the perfect recipe for an engaging thriller. Readers who enjoy a good adrenaline rush will find this a brilliant romantic thriller that takes place in Maui.

GHOSTS OF MATEGUAS by Linda Watkins, haunting American Gothic

This spellbinding dark and suspenseful novel will captivate Gothic fans and keep thriller addicts on the edge of their seats.

The PARANORMAL AWARDS for Supernatural Fiction 2014 Official Finalist Listing

We are pleased to announce the PARANORMAL Awards Official Finalists List for 2014, otherwise known as the "Short List" for supernatural and paranormal fiction and legends and lore stories.

An Editorial Review of “Find Me Again” by Janet K. Shawgo

Can true love conquer death? What happens when those that die have unfinished business? Is it possible for those that leave to help those still here with their unsettled endings? "Find Me Again" is a story about love that dares to do just that. "Find Me Again" is a mystery, conspiracy theory and an amazing love story that crosses generations---all combined into one amazing read.

An Editorial Review of “The Inscription” by Pam Binder

When feisty Amber crashes her car into Loch Ness she doesn't expect to wake up 400 years in the past...neither does she expect to fall in love, but that is precisely what happens in this heartwarming romance novel featuring time travel, Scotland, highlander immortals, and legendary love.

An Editorial Review of “The Memory Thief” by Emily Colin

"The Memory Thief" is a beautifully written story, with evocative descriptions of a love for nature and adventure, a deep appreciation of friends and family, and heart-breaking expressions of regret and grief and lust and joy. This book is a haunting ghost story, but above all, it’s a memorable tale of how, even after a terrible tragedy, love lives on.

An Editorial Review of “Poe: Nevermore” by Rachel M. Martens

Be warned; Poe: Nevermore is not a cozy mystery. Ms. Martens succeeds at painting dark, suspenseful, sometimes horrific pictures. It is the type of psychological horror that locking the doors and windows and reading with the lights on will not keep out. Marten’s Poe: Nevermore deliciously feeds these kind of cravings along with satisfying those with classical literary interests.