THE DREAM JUMPER’S PROMISE by Kim Hornsby, a romantic thriller novel

A mysterious murder and vivid, strange dreams are the perfect recipe for an engaging thriller. Readers who enjoy a good adrenaline rush will find this a brilliant romantic thriller that takes place in Maui.

KISMET OR KAMASUTRA by Martha Rather, Book 3 in the Romantic India Series

An adventure romance that whisks readers away to the exotic setting of India as a woman survives her battle with breast cancer and then decides to pursue her true love. Book 3 in the Romantic India series.

An Editorial Review of “An Ex to Grind in Deadwood” by Ann Charles

Fresh writing, lovable quirky characters, a good dose of randiness, peculiar situations (I have no idea how Ann Charles comes up with this stuff, but it makes for an entertaining read), and clever surprises at every twist and turn. An "Ex to Grind" keeps the laughs coming or the suspense building.

An Editorial Review of “Midsummer Magick” by Laura Navarre

Laura Navarre is a wonderful story teller who takes romance novels to a new level. Those who enjoy sensuous heat with a measure of Phillippa Gregory's Tudor series intrigue, but who also take pleasure in the fantasy elements of magic and Arthurian legends a la Marion Zimmer Bradley will find the Magick Trilogy an enjoyable and engrossing read. These are not Y/A novels.