The UNEVEN ROAD: Book Two of First Light by Linda Cardillo — a coming of age novel

Captivatingly infused with raw emotions and haunting memories of race, heritage, culture, and family dynamics of the 50s & 60s.

RIO – The STREET KID STARGAZER by Craig S. Wilson – a thriller coming of age story that takes place in contemporary Rio de Janeiro

A fast paced tale of crime, corruption, and destitution in contemporary Rio de Janeiro.

BELIEVE by Annaliese Darr — Magical Realism & Mysteries

A psychically gifted woman struggles to integrate her unique gift into a normal life while she tries to solve murders and crime. A mystery romance with magical realism elements!

A THEORY OF EXPANDED LOVE by Caitlin Hicks, a bold, coming-of-age novel

Bold, authentic, & captivating --a young teen in the 1960s confronts doctrine when it threatens to outweigh compassion.

WAKING REALITY by Donna LeClair, a courageous memoir about surviving abuse

LeClair will capture your heart with her direct honesty and fairytale-like prose. Her engaging memoir will not disappoint readers as she recounts the family drama and abuse she survived from the 1960s.

DUST ON THE BIBLE by Bonnie Stanard, a moving coming-of-age story

A moving novel with a fresh perspective, "Dust on the Bible"takes readers back to 1944 South Carolina where money was scarce and war was brewing. Readers will be captivated by twelve-year-old farm girl named Lily, who survives tough times with her hard-scrabble family.

I’ll TAKE YOU HOME KATHLEEN by J.P. Kenna, a historical fiction novel

A gripping tome of historical fiction that follows two Irish families who immigrated to the U.S. after Ireland's Great Famine. Well-researched and well-told story of the social, economic, and political currents of the late 1800s.

LIFE ON BASE: QUANTICO CAVE by Tom and Nancy Wise,

A riveting portrayal of the lives of children whose parents serve in the armed forces. Being a teenager is hard enough, but adding the constant uprooting and moving from base to base adds its own unique challenges as well as rewards.

I ONCE KNEW VINCENT by Michelle Rene, a historical fiction novel

Rene’s novel paints a new perspective on the renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh through the eyes of Maria Hoornik. Family, poverty, and genius blend themselves together in a mesmerizing canvas of tragedy and hope.

SMALL TOWN STORM by Elise K. Ackers – a chilling and dark contemporary thriller

An intriguing and well written mystery page-turner that will have you double-checking your locks and looking over your shoulder.