BOOKSELLER CONFIDENTIAL — What Are Booksellers Seeking to Buy to Stock Their Shelves?

Read the TOP TEN TAKEAWAYS about the Independent Book Seller Trade Shows from Kiffer Brown.

Using Public Relations to Get Your Book Extra Recognition by Sara Dahmen, award winning author

PR is more than marketing – it’s bigger, broader and has very few parameters. Entrepreneur, artisan, award-winning author Sara Dahmen shares her p/r secrets.

It’s SHOWTIME – Deadline for Trade Show Representation Fast Approaching

Booksellers, librarians, book distributors, Indie and small presses, along with the big-five publishers participate in regional book trade shows to make their book purchasing and business decisions. These tradeshows are amazing opportunities for books to vastly increase distribution and to gain visibility and book buzz.

What Works in Hollywood: The < 33 Principle

Do you have a quick one-liner of your story to hook fast and furious interest before the elevator doors open, or the valet pulls the Tesla around? Diane Sillan Isaacs shares her Hollywood expertise.

Third in the Seven Must-Haves for Authors series by Kiffer Brown

dreamstime_m_51247787What is the cornerstone of any successful author’s promotional platform? 

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Publishing!

I was asked by Orna Ross of Alliance of Independent Authors to share what I consider to be the “Seven Must-Haves for Independent Authors” at  UPublishU event that was held at […]

What is the Single Most Important Publishing Tool for Indie Authors?

What is the single most important publishing tool for first-time authors? Find out in this second article on the Seven Must-Haves for Authors --Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Publishing.

E-Book Sales as Core of Your Books’ Marketing Plan by James Wells

To get traction in the eBook market, I tried out new things, made plenty of mistakes, and then had a series of increasing successes. Now I would like to share what worked for me.

One Mental Trick That Will Help You Sell More Books by Tim Vandehey and Naren Aryal

Being an author is a thousand times more competitive than most writers realize. Many don’t even think of themselves as being in a competitive field in the first place! But the harsh truth is, if you can’t compete for readers’ interest and attention, you won’t sell books.

How to Become a Jedi Knight at Book Marketing by Susan Colleen Browne

Whether you’ve published your book or you’re an aspiring author, keep your eyes open for inspiration in unexpected places.

Three Questions with the Founder of the World’s Largest Book Club – Kathy Murphy

What is Kathy Murphy, the president of the world's largest book club, looking for in a good book? What speaks to her as a reader? Find out in this informative interview by Shari Stauch, Keynote presenter at CAC16.