Chanticleer Book Reviews is seeking today’s best books featuring romantic themes and adventures of the heart, historical love affairs, perhaps a little steamy romance, we will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

A little information about the Chatelaine Book Awards icon:

We feel that Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Pre-Raphaelite painting of Jane Morris (muse and wife of William Morris) in a Blue Silk Dress captures the many moods of the Chatelaine division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards.  Jane Morris (nee Jane Burden—little is known about her childhood but that it was poor and deprived) was known for her keen intelligence. William Morris fell in love with her when she sat for him as a model. She was privately tutored to become a gentleman’s wife upon their engagement. It is said that she was the inspiration for George Bernard Shaw’s character Eliza Dolittle of My Fair Lady fame. The Blue Silk Dress was painted in 1868 by Rossetti and it currently resides in the Society for Antiquaries of London.  She was 29 when Rossetti painted it. Rossetti and Jane Morris became closely attached until his death in 1882. To read more about the fascinating Jane Morris, click on this Wikipedia page.

Please join us in congratulating and reading these top works in this diverse range of all reads Chatelaine: Romance, Chick-Lit,  Women’s Fiction, Inspirational, Suspenseful, and, of course, Steamy and Sensual.

Leigh Grant’s MASK OF DREAMS  took home the Chatelaine Grand Prize Ribbon for 2017. Congratulations!


Mask of Dreams is a love story, enhanced by the literature of the Renaissance, in particular, Petrarch. This carefully researched historical fiction takes time to develop; Caterina and Rade have their own stories until the letter stitches them together. A tale of sacrifice and honor, violence and fear of conquest, the plight of women in a patriarchal society, immigration and outsiders, Mask of Dreams has resonance in today’s world. And occasionally, even a sense of humor.

Join us in wishing Leigh Grant the very best luck in her publishing adventure! Leigh submitted her unpublished manuscript to the 2017 Chatelaine Book Awards competition.

Leigh Grant has this to say about winning the Chatelaine Grand Prize Book Award for 2017, “I wanted to let you know that the award got me something that I had really wanted: an agent. She is talking (insert top traditional publishing house here), I should be so lucky…Chanticleer’s contest has been a very good thing for me. Best, Leigh Grant

CHATELAINE BOOK AWARD WINNERS for 2017, a division of the CIBA.

Cheri Champagne, Gail Noble-Sanderson, Elizabeth Crowens, Eileen Charbonneau

The 2017 books have all won a Chanticleer Book Reviews package!

  • Magic of the Pentacle by Diane Wylie
  • Dear Mr. Hitchcock by Elizabeth Crowens
  • Watch Over Me by Eileen Charbonneau
  • Mask of Dreams by Leigh Grant ***CHATELAINE 2017 GRAND PRIZE WINNER*** 
  • The Passage Home to Meuse by Gail Noble-Sanderson
  • Love’s Misadventures by Cheri Champagne   


  M.A. Clarke Scott’s The ART of ENCHANTMENT took home the 2016 Chatelaine Grand Prize.

The Art of Enchantment, M.A. Clarke Scott’s 2016 Chatelaine Grand Prize Winner

Chatelaine Grand Prize Winner M. A. Clarke Scott

First Place Category Winners for 2016 are: 

The Chatelaine Award-Winning Authors of 2016: M.A. Clarke Scott, Diana Forbes, and Gail Avery Halverson

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Nicole Evelina’s DAUGHTER of DESTINY took both the Chatelaine Grand Prize and the OVERALL Grand Prize winner for 2015.

Nicole proudly displayed her Overall Grand Prize Ribbon


  • Historical Romance: The Particular Appeal of Gilliane Pugsley by Susan Örnbratt
  • Regency: Once Upon a Scandal by Julie Le Mens
  • Women’s Fiction-Short Story Collection:  Ladies in Low Places by Mary Ann Henry
  • Women’s Fiction: In a Vertigo of Silence by Miriam Polli  
  • Adventure/Suspense: Banished Threads by Kaylin McFarren
  • Mystery/Suspense: A Season for Killing Blondes by Joanne Guidoccio 
  • Inspirational/Restorative:  A Foolish Consistency by Andrea Weir
  • Young Adult/New Adult: Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd 
    • Daughter of Destiny by Nicole Evelina***CHATELAINE 2015 Grand Prize Winner & OVERALL Winner***
    • Honorable Mentions:
    • Danica Winters – Smoke and Ashes
    • Belangela G. Tarazona – Hiatus
    • J.L Oakley  Mist-shi-mus: A Novel of Captivity
    • John Herman – The Counting of the Coup


    Janet Shawgo’s FIND ME AGAIN won the 2014 Chatelaine Grand Prize.

    Janet Shawgo Won the Chatelaine Grand Prize

    Find Me Again Janet Shawgo

    • Historical: Catherine A. Wilson and Catherine T. Wilson  for The Order of the Lily  
    • Romance Regency: Kerryn Reid for Learning to Waltz 
    • International Intrigue/World Events: Kristine Cayne for Deadly Betrayal
    • Contemporary: Kim Sanders for The Ex Lottery
    • Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance: Donna Barker for Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers
    • Inspirational/Restorative: Peggy Patrick for Surrendered II: Pride 
    • Romance & Adventure: Martha Rather for Kismet or Kamasutra
    • Fantasy/Mythological: Danica Winters for Montana Mustangs
    • Jane Austen Inspired: Betty Codd for Eleanor Grace 
    • Debut Novel: Julie LeMense for Once Upon a Wager
    • YA: M.A. Clarke Scott for The Dissimulation of Doves 
    • Women’s Fiction: Kate Vale for Destiny’s Second Chance
    • Women’s Fiction/Humorous: Lisa Souza for  Beauty and the Bridesmaid 
    • First Loves: Jennifer Snow for The Trouble with Mistletoe
    • Blended Genre:  Janet Shawgo for Find Me Again ***CHATELAINE 2014 GRAND PRIZE WINNER***


    Kate Vale’s CHOICES was awarded the 2013 Chatelaine Grand Prize

    • Historical Romance: The Lily and the Lion by Catherine T. Wilson & Catherine A. Wilson
    • Southern Romance: Swamp Secret by Eleanor Tatum
    • Mystery: The Hourglass by Sharon Struth
    • Jane Austen Inspired: Pulse and Prejudice by Colette Saucier
    • Paranormal: Crimson Flames by Ashley Robertson
    • Christian Inspirational Romance: Chasing Charlie by C. M. Newman
    • Restorative: A Path through the Garden by Nancy LaPonzina
    • Classic Bodice Ripper: To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield by Bronwen Evans
    • Contemporary: Choices by Kate Vale ***CHATELAINE 2013 GRAND PRIZE WINNER***

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    Insiders’ Tip: Other genre divisions of the Chanticleer International Book Awards have romance categories as well. Multiple submissions of the same work to a variety of  CIBA writing competitions divisions are accepted.